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Queue to the Apple store in Sydney for the iPhone 6

A video of the immense queue for the iPhone 6 in Sydney


3D printers aren't just for printing guns...

After all the negative press lately on the deleterious uses of 3D printers, and the subsequent threats of government ...


Building the Mendel90

Why the Mendel90?I can’t recall when I first read about 3D printers, but it was a long while since then that I actual...

Don't Use Screen Cleaner On Your Printer Bed

Having printed my first few models, I decided to ‘tweak’ the bed levelling, to improve some issues on the first layer...

The Obligatory iPhone Case

Having printed the pre-sliced Android model that came with the kit, I tried using Slic3r for the first time to genera...

The Finished Mendel90

I’m planning on blogging about my experience building this kit, but in the meantime here’s a picture of the fully ass...

My First 3D Prints

How my first 3D prints turned out