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After all the negative press lately on the deleterious uses of 3D printers, and the subsequent threats of government control, it occurred to me that in some ways it’s incumbent upon myself and others as 3D printer users to point out the more positive applications of this technology.

To that end, here’s my most recent 3D printed model, a telescope filter attachment, in glorious Faberdashery Cherry Blossom

androids.jpg 3D printable solar filter attachment

I’ve uploaded the model to - you can customise it to your telescope’s size by changing the ‘objective diameter’ variable in the source. It’s made of two parts - the first is the main clip, and the other is the cover ring, which clips on to secure the filter film itself.

Here’s a photo I took (on one of our rare sunny days on the British Isles):

androids.jpg The little ‘dots’ there are sun spots the size of Earth…

The attachment can of course be used for any film, but in this particular case I was using Baader Solar film.